Peter Osth

Mixed mesh, edrawing

Discussion created by Peter Osth on Nov 14, 2008
I have used CosmosWorks several years and have recently upgraded to SW-2008 following my customers.
In many of my analyses I use the mixed mesh option, and I also use the option to save the analyse-plots as edrawings to quickly be able to review several different versions of a problem.

First I was sure i must have some problem in the registry or a wrong setting in ToolsOptions/CosmosWorksOptions, because I could only save the plots as bitmap files or jpeg files. After consulting my local reseller I realised this was a bug (they found a SPR 431269).
I couldn't quite believe it, this was service pack 4, and still not solved.
There was a new SP coming soon and I was confident it would be fixed then, .. but I was wrong.

This bug also prevents me from sending the analysis results to my customers who can look at the model from any angle and see deformation, strain and stress.

Since this doesn't even seem to be fixed in SW-2009 I thought perhaps someone else could help me with some kind of workaround.

I have figured out that the stress plots is possible to save as an edrawing provided you edit the definition and change the deformed shape option. After that this plot is possible to save as an e-drawing. But it won't stay this way, next time you open the analysis you have to edit the definition and change the deformed shape option again. Very time consuming if you have lots of different plots...

Perhaps someone else have figured out how to save any other plot. I haven't found a single one (mesh plot, displacement plot, strain plot..)

Still hoping the developers will solve this critical bug.