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SW2009 SP1 - Fatal Error at end of installation...

Question asked by Don Vanzile on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2009 by John Lhuillier

Tried to install 2009 SP1 (from the quick downloaded sw2009-0.0-1.0-x.exe) and am getting a fatal error at the end and it undoes the installation back to SP0. Never had this happen before... anybody else get this or have any ideas?

I even uninstalled SW and reinstalled 2009 SP0 right from the DVD, as I thought it was because I couldn't upgrade the internet install. Still got the fatal error.

I also tried (or am trying), for the first time, the new SW installation magager to install it instead. It's been almost 2 hours for 300mb download & install and it's still barely half done! What a piece of sh*t! And it probably won't even work after either!

Win xp x64
Dell 490