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From / To Parameter No Longer Works in Copy Entities Command

Question asked by Danny Sillett on Nov 13, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2008 by Danny Sillett
Forgive me for not searching for this, but I didnt see it on the first page here. Mods please feel free to combine this with other threads should you see fit.

This problem is on a Vista based 32bit workstation running Solidworks 09. *EDIT* This problem is also apparent on an XP 32bit workstation here in the office also now running 09.

Anybody else notice this problem? As an example, say you have two horizontal lines of equal length, with their endpoints vertically aligned, and the lines are 1/4" apart from eachother. Now, let's say you want to copy the bottom line down 1/4" using copy entities, (maybe because there is other geometry or text associated to the line that also needs to be copied.) Highlight the bottom line and start the Copy Entities command, select the From/To parameter, using the endpoint of the upper line as your base point, and the endpoint on the lower line as your destination. This should place the new line 1/4" away from the bottom line, and would render it vertically aligned to the other endpoint. However, the destination seems to be broken. When you mouse over the destination vertex, a snap marker appears, indicating your intended destination. Click there to place the entity. Now check the dimension. It wont be 1/4" away, it'll be .250 +/- a bit, and the endpoint wont be vertically aligned. It seems as though the destination snap just places the entity wherever your cursor is at, regardless of the snap marker. Of course the cursor is close to the intended endpoint in order to highlight the intended destination snap.

This was never previously a problem, from and to always worked as it should in 08 and previous years. The Move command seems to work fine, this is only dedicated to the Copy Entities command.

I've contacted Go Engineer tech support about the issue, and they noticed the same thing, and my Solidwork Rx problem capture is under review.

Here's the .WMV file I made for SolidworksRx demonstrating the issue. (Uploaded to my Photobucket acct, hence the .FLV extension in the link. Quality kinda sucks...)¤t=sldrx.flv