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    Drawings missing data in Viewer

    Rob Neff
      We are using SolidWorks 2008 SP4.0. When we open a drawing in SolidWorks that has a part in it, the type of material is listed in the properties of the drawing. In this example plastic is in the material properties box. The problem is when our users open the same file with SolidWorks 2008 SP4.0 Viewer or Edrawings that information disapears.

      There was some speculation that there could be some cached metadata that is not getting updated when changes are made to the part. I have used the rebuild command on the part and the drawing, but I still have this issue with missing data.

      Is there more to the rebuild process?
      Why would the drawing file be different when it is opened with the full version of SolidWorks than when it is opened with the Viewer?
        • Drawings missing data in Viewer
          Andy Sanders
          Are you fully saving the part AND drawing with the updated data in full Solidworks (not the viewer or eDrawings)?

          Do this before checking it in the viewers.

          We run into this every now and then.

          Say a user updates a part to a different steel grade. Saves the part.

          Meanwhile, 10 different assembly drawings have this part in the BOM. The drawing (and in turn the assembly) must be fully refreshed with all new model data and properties AND saved before any viewer will reflect the updates.

          Otherwise, the viewer is only showing the last saved state of the drawing, which could be years out of date prior to the part being updated.

          I had a hard time explaining that one to management. :-)