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Like solidedge revision manager

Question asked by Sivaraman Murugesan on Nov 12, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2008 by Stephen Gioacchini
Before I was using solidedge,Now I started using solidworks.In solidedge they have an supporting software called Revison Manager.It helps us in renaming,in replacing and in copying of assemblies,Subassemblies and in part file without affecting the link.
For eg:A small Eg:Lets say a assembly draft file which contains 3 parts A,B,C.Later I like to replace the Part B by part C In dft file.What I have to do simply open the dft file using revision manager and say replace the part B by part C.The link wont be affected.It will be very useful even in uploading drawings in PDM.
So,I like to know even solidworks has an software like this.Rightnow we dont have Pdm software,Whereas If solidworks has like this,than we can think about it.Plz let me know....