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BOM Sub-assembly behaviour

Question asked by Jay Andrews on Nov 11, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2008 by Jay Andrews
I have an assembly, and am making an assembly drawing. Contained within the assembly is a weldment that I want to show up in the BOM as one line item. Also contained in the assembly are some fastener subassemblies(screw with washer) which I'm using as a time saver so I can easily add/remove/change size and washers in one assembly and have the main assembly update all instances of the fastener sub-assembly. I would like the fastener subassemblies to show up in the BOM at the part level.

I see there is a setting in BOM properties for top level or part level.

Is there a way to pick and choose, like do the BOM at top level but specify one subassembly to show all it's parts, or do the BOM at the part level except for a subassembly I specify?