Raymond Pearson

The Toolbox Survey

Discussion created by Raymond Pearson on Nov 11, 2008
We recently recieved a survey for what parts should be added to the Toolbox. I would like to post these thoughts and see what others users think.

Question 1: What other items should be added to the toolbox.

This is the wrong approach! Any part has the potential to be a Standard Part. Rather than concentrating on specific items to add to the Toolbox, you should concentrate on providing the customization method to add any item as a TRUE toolbox part. That is providing an interface to add a design table part to the Access database or be able to add columns and tables to the database and link to features/dimensions. The customer needs to have an interface for customizing the Access database.

Currently when I need a new item, I have to use an existing item as a place holder. I then add geometry to the base part with equations. Since I cannot add table columns these equations are have to use averages and not true accurate dimensions.

If SW decides to add an item later, then file names of my custom items will all have to change. It is more important to provide a direct customization method than to second guess what items the customer wants in the toolbox.

Lastly, the customer should have the option of migrating the Toolbox to a REAL database. MS Access is horrible for a multi user environment. The customer needs the option of using the supplied database or migrating to their own database such as SQL Server or Oracle.

Question 2: Should the fields be opened up to allow any value.

No, row values can already be added or changed by the Administrator. I want to present to the user what is available and have the user be able to add any value under the sun.

I believe it is more important to get the custom properties to save in a stable manner. If I'm adding an item, and setting up the custom properties and I accidently click on an existing item I have already set up, then all possible values are now available to the existing item. I have to spend a lot of time re-defining which values are supposed to be available.