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    Importing Mircostation file (.dgn) into SW

    Justin Binkley
      Hello SW Users-

      We have a contractor that has been doing heavy amounts of work in mircostation. This individual has made his files available to us, however, they are a .dgn format. I have tried to bring there files into SW and my attempts were unsuccessful. If anyone is familiar on this subject I would appreciate your comments.


        • Importing Mircostation file (.dgn) into SW
          Kevan Chapman
          Hi Justin
          I have been using SW for about 8 years but before that I used MicroStation.
          I still have MicroStation for the legacy data but do not use it anymore for design.
          I believe there is proprietary software out there for converting DGN to SolidWorks but I have never used it.
          So far, all the CAD data that has been converted from our MicroStation seat has been done via MicroStations own export facilities into 'ParaSolid' (.x_t) files.
          Your contractor will be able to supply the converted files to in this format.
          As ParaSolid files they are dimensionally correct but will lack edit-ability.
          Although they can be converted inside SolidWorks with some degree of success by using the 'import diagnostics' and 'feature recognition' tools.

          I hope this was of use.