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Explorer/PDM workgroup error 1722

Question asked by Roy Potter on Nov 11, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2011 by Chris Were
I have to do a manual install otherwise dwgeditor & eDrawings throw up registry key access problems.

When I get to the explorer or the pdm workgroup install both fail at the point where the box says removing backup files. After clicking ok the install rolls back.
This is a clean install and I've run a registry cleaner on the system. But it still fails to install with error 1722 failed to register pdmworks.dll.
It is possible to register the dll manually but as the install rolls back this is no use.
the pdm service actually starts, it can be seen in the task manager but, obviously, stops after the rollback.

ALL the av options have been turned off.

Any ideas?

I'm aware the graphics card is not supported but everything else works fine (at the moment).