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2009 calloutformat

Question asked by Kirk Jess on Nov 10, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2008 by Kirk Jess
Why did my hole callouts work correctly in 08. I unload it, load 09 fresh and now my hole callouts are wrong. And I have it loaded on the server so the file didn't get overwritten.

When I go into the File Locations, I have both the "Hole Callout Format File & Hole Wizard Favorites Database" pointing to the server. I renamed the file that was created locally, opened a drawing and tried to put in a hole callout and it stated it couldn't find my standard. Exited Sw. I renamed the old file back and inserted my company standard into it and I no longer got the error message. But it is still not putting the callout in correctly. So Even though I am stating where to look for the files SW is only looking locally.

Anyone else having these issues? I have already reloaded SW 3 times today and have run the batch files from SW on cleaning the system after the unloads.