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Update/Upgrade order

Discussion created by Tim R on Nov 10, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2008 by Casey Gorman
I am the person in our company that handles PDMW upgrade/updates and issues. We will be upgrading to Solidworks 2009 soon and I would like some information about the proper way to go about it. Can the server software be upgraded to 2009 and still have installs of SW 2008 running and checking out/in files from it? Can the server software still be 2008 and can installs of Solidworks 2009 be checking out/in files from it without problems? What is the proper order of upgrading/updating to a new version of Solidworks? We have the PDMW server software running on our separate Network server and just a few Soldworks software seats all currently running 2008. Thanks.