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Data exchange with shop floor

Question asked by Paul McGarr on Nov 9, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2008 by lenny bucholz
We have two seats of Solidworks Professional. I have a problem that I am unable to find a solution for and I am hoping some of you have a similar problem and better yet, a solution...

It seems inevitable that I sometimes miss a dimension on a drawing, or fail to export a parasolid for use in the shop. Sometimes someone needs to access a model and verify a dimension, and othertimes someone needs a model for CNC machining. Sometimes they are able to snag a floating license, open SolidWorks, get what they need and close SolidWorks. Other times, much more often than not, the two floating licenses are in use. When that's the case, they come to me and I give them what they need.

Do I really need to purchase another seat just for these two purposes? Is there a program that will give them the ability to convert a SolidWorks file to a parasolid or step file other than solidworks? Maybe there is a super-limited version of SolidWorks available?

What is everybody else doing? Am I missing something obvious?