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Copy existing assemblies with toolbox parts into enterprise vault?

Question asked by Scott Nelson on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2008 by 1-521APD

I've recently setup solidworks enterprise here. I have my toolbox installed as per solidworks instructions on my server setup for a multi-user environment.

I followed the pdf file for integrating toolbox parts into enterprise by creating a /toolbox/ folder in my vault. This works perfectly when you are creating a new assembly with toolbox parts and saving it into the vault. Enterprise copies the toolbox file to the local vault view into the toolbox folder etc.

However, If I have an assembly that was created and saved outside of the vault, and I copy/paste it into the vault it does not know what to do with the toolbox parts. It lists them as 'Outside the PDM vault' and therefore cannot check them in, or check them out. The fasteners are still in the model, put enterprise will not reroute the path reference to it's own /toolbox/ folder.

This is a big problem! I assumed that this was doable because logic dictates that any company beginning to use enterprise from scratch is going to have some current or legacy assemblies that they would want to import into the vault.

I would really really like to avoid having to Pack and go each assembly (so that the fasteners are copied out of the toolbox browser). I was hoping for an easy drag and drop operation!

If you've figured out how to do this or have any ideas that may help, I'd really appreciate it.