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Leg Design - Application of Mass Load w/ Sym.

Question asked by Ben Floan on Nov 7, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2008 by Ben Floan
We design vertical supported vessels and I'm interested to see if how others would model leg forces (static, water filled weight) including force translation to repad and shell given a two considerations. 1) Application of the mass load using symmetry - how much of the cylindrical shell is required to adequately represent translation of the mass load from COG to the shell to the leg. 2) Reaction of the leg to some structural steel (W-beam) vs infinitely stiff restraint of the pad vs other restraint options.

After some trial and error, it is obvious that a wide range of results are possible depending upon application of load and stiffness of the restraint. Any advice regarding would be much appreciated, I've attached a sample sketch of our geometry for clarity. If others are interested I could post more picts including est. results as I converge to anticipated solution.