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    Shortcut Keys

    Raghavendra Bhagavan.S.M
      Hey !

      This might be silly. But important.. I was wondering that do we have Standard or Customisable shortcut keys.. to Checkout,Check in, Change state.. Etc. in SolidWorks PDM Enterprise ?

      Any thoughts or ideas..... would really appriciate.

      I could not find any info on this.

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          Wayne Tiffany
          You have the ability to assign hotkeys.

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              Rune Naess
              Hi Wayne
              Where is this interface started from. ?
              also I guess that it only is a Interprise PDM funktion ? (Not PDMWE 2008)
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                  Wayne Tiffany
                  The interface I showed you is inside SolidWorks, and you get to it from the Options area. I can't check to see if those selections were there with PDMWE 2008 since we are on 2009, but I would presume they were.

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                      Mike Adam
                      Hello Rune
                      When you open SolidWorks, create a new part, go to menu "TOOLS"
                      then click on "Customize"
                      then go to tab "Keyboard"
                      then chose from the category "Enterprise PDM"
                      then assign shortcuts keys for each Command (Get latest version, Check out, Check in...etc)

                      see the attached screenshot

                      Hope that helps you
                      Best Regards
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                          Calvin Nelson
                          I went thru the interface and set up some shortcut keys. However, after closing SolidWorks and starting it up again, the shortcut keys were no longer assigned. If I go back into the Customize... interface and try to reassign the keys, it tells me that the K is already assigned to the command I am trying to assign it to, i.e. I assigned K to Check Out, after restarting SW, the shortcut field is blank for Check Out, but if I try to assign K, it says that K is already assigned to Check Out, do I want to reassign it to Check Out.
                          Needless to say, having the shortcuts only operational for a single session doesn't help much.
                          Anybody else having this problem?


                          SW2009 SP1
                          SWEPDM SP0
                          XP Pro-32
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                              Wayne Tiffany
                              I have never tried assigning a hotkey to Enterprise functions, but my guess is that you may not see that association if you weren't in a file that was in the system. Just to test the theory, open a file in the vault, specifically the type of file that was active when you assigned the hotkey. There may be some issue there.