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    Custom symbols or annotations

    John Bernesser
      I am migrating from Inventor to SW. I have created custom symbols in Inventor that are made of a rectangle, white fill, and an attribute that looks for a custom property named label. When I label a drawing all I need to do is pick a pipe an it fills in what the custom properly label is, in this example they are all lenght of pipes. When I try to do this in SW I do not get the same thing and can not control the size or if it will or will not have a leader. How can I do this in SW or if needed the API.

      Thanks for you help.
        • Custom symbols or annotations
          Charles Culp
          As far as I know, Solidworks will require a leader when you attach a note to an object. When you select "no leader", it is still "connected" to that object with a leader, the leader is just "hidden". If you used a leader, you would not need API. So if you want it to be leaderless and appear over the part, the easiest way to do this repeatedly is with the API. I'm not sure what you mean by "the size", you can change the standard font height.

          The rest (having it automatically pull the custom property for each part) can be automated without API. Simply create the first one by creating the note, then linking it to the custom property. Each additional note created after that (without cancelling out of the note function) will automatically be filled like the previous, and thus should automatically show the length.