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    PDM User Usage Data

      Is there a way for a PDM Administrator to generate a usage report of all PDM users? Wanting a report of Log In, Log Out times. Additional data in this report is welcome as well (such as History of Actions while in the system). Looking for the 'History' function to gather usage data, opposed to individual file data.

      The personal log file and the Archive Server Log does not seem to provide the information I need.

      Thank you in advance for your help.

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          Rune Naess
          Did you have a look at the PDM report generator?

          Log in to your vault select Tool -> Report generator
          You can also make your own reports / Customized reports
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              Yes, I am looking into how I can create a new query and add the parameters tha I need, as we speak. If you have any insight into creating a new query, please let me know. In the mean time, I am trucking along to figure this thing out.
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                  Rune Naess
                  Open this file with notepad (if PDMWE is default installed)
                  C:\Program Files\PDMWorks Enterprise\Report Examples 1.crp

                  e.g Look at the first one and compair it with your report generator gui
                  the you might see the link
                  Don't edit the allready created reports, just add a new one in the end
                  and seperate them with
                  /******************* ********************/

                  §Name [All currently defined Workflows]

                  §Company [SolidWorks]

                  [This query will list all Workflows and the name of the first tranistion in each.]

                  §Version [1.1]


                  SELECT W.Name as 'Workflow Name', W.Description as 'Workflow Description', T.Name as 'First Transition'
                  FROM Workflows W, Transitions T
                  WHERE W.InitialTransitionID = T.TransitionID And
                  W.WorkflowID != 1 /* Only include real WF */
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                    Joy Garon
                    Hi Tiny -

                    Attached is how to create a report query...
                    You will need to understand T-SQL in order to create a report.

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                  Awesome! Thanks everyone. I will take a look.
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                    Jeff Sweeney
                    The report generator is pretty swell; I don't the user log in/out data is stored in the database though. I don't think it is going to help you with this quest.

                    You may have to write some API or stored SQL procedures to collect this information.
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                        Gene Mercer
                        I don't mean to knock out your idea, but doesn't PDMWE automatically "log out" and in users depending on activity? I'm pretty sure it does on ours (Active Directoy Logins) or else we'd definately be hitting the wall with licenses. For example a user logs in in the AM. His 'blueberry' is up and active all day until he goes home. Meanwhile if I look at the license usage they don't show up?

                        I do know that the 'users local log' does stamp log in and out times but I don't think that's stored in the actual PDMWE database anywhere?

                        Sorry, but I'm just a part time admin so I dont' have direct access to the SQL server or I'd dig around some? Maybe one of the VARs can help?

                        I'm not even sure an add-in or dispatch command to write out something would work because they would require the user to 'do something' to activate.