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solidworks is unresponsive

Question asked by Duane Roberts on Nov 6, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2008 by Duane Roberts
solidworks is so slow to respond it opens unwanted files, unable to zoom in and zoom out with wheel, will not respond to ctrl 1, 2, etc. to change position of part, when part is opened screen on solidworks goes black, can still see the toolbars and everythign but the screen for the part is black until you grab at nothing and try and rotate part then it appears same with zooming in and out this is 09 new installation why does this happen everytime solidworks is updated is it the computer because this sucks putting me further behind than i was 2 days now i have fought with this i wish i had never upgraded 08 was finally working fine then come along and put 09 on it and now solidworks runs like....nothing it dont run at all...