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    Surface circular pattern

    Dan Mogridge

      Hi all, I have been modelling a blow moulded bottle part using surface tools.
      To create various details on the model I have been using the indent feature. When the feature is done I then go to circular pattern with the selective bodies feature (As the bodies is the only selection that the feature manager will allow me to select.)
      The circular pattern feature will then work succesfully but layering multiple surface layers over each other whilst patterning the indent feature or not work. This is a problem when I then go to trim the patterned surface or edit it as there are multiple layers.

      Note: surfaces have not been knitted together so I am trying to select just the indent body feature to pattern.

      I just thought I would post to see if anyone has come across this problem before?

        • Surface circular pattern
          Matt Lombard
          Try to use pattern Faces. There are some limitations with it, though, especially if you have a split in the bottom face. I think the Help lists the limitations of patterning faces.
            • Surface circular pattern
              Dan Mogridge
              Thanks matt although this doesn't work as the feature manager will only let me select 'bodies to pattern'. As I previously mentioned it is odd because using the bodies option the feautre will rebuild - only for me to then realise that is has overlayed a number of surfaces - equal to the numberof instances to pattern the object in the feature manager.

              Have you experiences this with blow moulding objects before or surface models where instances require patterning?


                • Surface circular pattern
                  Mark Matthews
                  Well, how about NOT using the indent feature. Use the effort that you put into creating the indent block into making a seperate surface body in the bottle part. You can then pattern the now not knit (or trimmed in) surface body and then do a multi surface trim.

                  ...or, copy the faces of the indent using "surface offset = 0" and pattern the resulting surface body.