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    representation of symmetrical parts

    Gareth Budge

      I am currently working on a drawing that has no associated 3d model. I am looking to draw the two short parallel lines on each end of the center lines to represent a symmetrical part. Does anyone know if there is an automated way of inserting these annotations within Solid Works or do they have to be drawn inmanually each time?

      Many Thanks
        • representation of symmetrical parts
          Troy Peterson
          Start a note on the draw sheet. In the FMT select the icon for "add symbol" looks like a center line symbol with a green plus sign to the right. Change symbol library to "geometric tolerancing" select "symmetry"
          • representation of symmetrical parts
            Eddie Cyganik


            You could also use the CL or Centerline Symbol.
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                Janek Popiolek

                Troy's answer is misleading because he did not read the question properly.  The symbol he describes has three lines and should only be used in a geometrical tolerance frame.


                In a drawing the two-line symbols the original post refers to (one at each end of the line of symmetry), signify all profiles, holes, bosses etc. are mirrored about that line (see ISO 128-30).


                You see an example of these symbols when you are sketching with the Dynamic Mirror tool activated, but when the tool is turned off the symbols disappear making them unable to be "brought through" to the drawing.


                So far (SW 2009) I have had to insert a block for the two short lines which make this symbol for symmetry.  I then have to rotate the block to suit and create a relationship with the centre line.


                {Eddie, an experienced draughter would only use the CL symbol combined with qualifying words where it is not obvious what it is for, e.g. CL MACHINE TRAVERSE.}