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Lost edges

Question asked by Scott Salmon on Nov 3, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2008 by Scott Salmon
Hi all. I'm new here, and to SolidWorks, but I'm pretty experienced in Pro/E, and top-down modeling.

I'm working on a model that has three bodies that have been inserted into new parts. For the most part, everything has survived changes well, but where I have used edges to create a seal detail between parts, the references get lost when nearly any change is made to the master part, including minor dimensional changes. I can live with that, but all of the referenced features fail when I redefine the sketch to correct the problem. I can sort through it all, but it has become very time consuming.

With Pro/E, there is a replace entity command that lets me swap orphaned references with newly created entities so that subsequent features don't fail. Is there such a command or a work-around in SW (2008, sp5)

Also, is there a way to prevent these edges from forgetting where they came from? I'm not deleting basic geometry, just making minor changes to dimensions.

Thanks in advance for any advice.