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Meshing in Solidworks

Question asked by Ryan Delacourt on Dec 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2017 by Bill McEachern

Hi everyone


I have a gland component which I am analysing in Solidworks 2016, I am applying a uniform pressure of 38 Mpa across the bottom face and want to measure the maximum stress values expected.


I have tried and tested various , mesh sizes but I cannot seem to converge toward a figure that I am happy with, I am using a curvature mesh which I have set max and min element sizes and have applied a mesh control at my highest stress face area (Fillet).


Is it a case of the smallest mesh size the more accurate? I know That areas that have virtually no displacement (i.e blue) i could just mesh at a larger value. I have now started from a min size of 2 mm and a max size of 10 mm, with a controlled mesh on the high stress area of 0.5 mm (the stress concentration colour guide is now quite smooth, so i am happy with that.


I am just concerned on what size to set my min and max element size to? I am currently using mesh sizes of 0.1 (smallest) and 1.0 (largest), is it a case of simply getting the smallest possible mesh size to imrpove the accuracy? I know this is not always the case but could someone please shed some light on this? I am fairly new to sollidworks so I am not entirely confident in what I am doing is in fact correct


If it does help I could upload my file if anyone could suggest a solution.


Thanks in advance!