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Motherboard and Video card

Question asked by Thomas Breitweiser on Nov 3, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by Dan Buffo
I am looking for a decent video card and a Motherboard while being on a very limited budget. I have only $1000 to spend on this computer. This is going to be used at home and will only be running SW and AutoCAD. I was looking at a motheboard with a P45 Intel chipset. Is there any recommendations on a decent motherboard that is also kind of inexpensive.
About the Video card. I was reading in the forum that it looks like the NVidia is preferred over the ATI. I was looking at an HD4850 until I read about the Nvidia. What would be a good video card that is relatively inexpensive? Is the HD4850 or HD4870 a card that will work or does SW not like ATI?

I also picked the Intel E8400 3.0GHz processor
Western Digital HD 500GB @ 7200rpm
4 GB RAM (G.Skill 2x2GB sticks)

I know this isn't much of a budget but this is all I have.
Thank you for your help. I appreciate any and all help with this.