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Explorer process hanging

Discussion created by Michael Brainard on Oct 31, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by Dan Riffell
This may not be SW related but I thought I would throw it up here anyway, as I have seen others with the same issues.

It seemed completely random....I would loose everything on my desktop. Any application that was currently on my screen may or may not continue to function....desktop icons, startmenu..etc would all freeze or disappear.

I discovered by killing the explorer process and restarting it ( new task - explorer ) would restart everything and all was well.

I spoke with my SW rep about this. He mentioned an issue with thumbnail images when using Windows Explorer... Since that discussion I have been able to replicate this crash many times. He said disabling the thumbnail view would resolve this. I haven't tried it yet...this is what he said to do>>>>

"Here are the instructions for unregistering the DLL file that generates thumbnails:

. Open a command prompt, and navigate to C:\Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Shared (type "CD\program files\common files\Solidworks Shared")
. Then enter: regsvr32 /u sldwinshellextu.dll

Once you've successfully unregistered the DLL, try running SolidWorks for a day or so and see if the number of crashes decreases. Please let me know what you find out and/or if you have any questions.

Hope this helps.