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Can anyone comment on this?

Question asked by Jason Ebersole on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2008 by Jason Ebersole
I've done some basic comparisons of a few PDM systems, and the workflow capabilities in PDMWE is actually quite impressive. It may be more than we need, so I am also looking at Synergis Adept. It's workflow engine is simple and not even close to what I would consider a development platform like PDMWE.

There are things I like about both PDMWE and Adept, but I am hearing (from biased sources) that PDMWE has a huge advantage over any other PDM (for people using Solidworks CAD) because of the obvious relationship between the two.

Sounds good in theory, but how deeply is (or should) a PDM be hooked into a CAD application? As long as checkin/checkout, X-reference, BOM, and configurations work, there is "where used" and "contains" visibility, a revisioning scheme, and there is some level of workflow going on, what else is there to consider? (Both have the ability to create custom data cards and they both appear to handle other data types just fine.) I know even PDMWE has trouble with some things specific to Solidworks, so I question the notion that PDMWE is far and away the best solution for a Solidworks-centric environment simply because it's a Solidworks product.

The basic argument to support this is that any feature changes in new Solidworks CAD versions would be reflected in PDM (ahead of other PDM companies) as the version releases are/would be aligned (assuming someone is upgrading both Solidworks CAD and PDM at the same time, and the feature changes in SW CAD are for enhancing PDM functionality.)

Comments? Anyone out there with some real Adept experience?