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    Magnifying glass is broken

      I'm still new to Solidworks 2009 (just finally got it installed yesterday and the Liscense Manager working today). I was really excited about the magnifying glass option, but when I tried it out (by hitting the "G" key), I only got a circle on the screen that I could move around with my mouse. I wasn't zoomed in and wouldn't zoom in or out when I scrolled my mouse wheel. Anything I'm not doing right or something else I should know about?
        • Magnifying glass is broken
          John Sweeney
          Hi Glenn,

          A couple other users have mentioned issues with the magnifying glass too. We were able to reproduce their issues by using old graphics card drivers. Using more recent graphics drivers fixed the issue in our testing.

          I would recommend checking your graphics driver version and comparing it with the list of supported drivers found on our website at:


          If a driver upgrade doesn't fix your magnifying glass issues, please let us know.

            • Magnifying glass is broken
              I updated my ATI FireGL v7100 video card to the latest and greatest driver and that solved the problem with the magnifying glass. Thank you very much.
                • Magnifying glass is broken
                  Jeffrey Smith
                  I, too had an issue with the mag glass.

                  I've got the ATI FireGL v7200 card. Downloading and installing the new driver fixed the problem...I think
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                      Mark Kaiser
                      It's really too bad you have to have an $ approved card to use new tools sometimes... Some of us regular guys just can't justify that. Look at my system specs, integrated video card, it doesn't support OpenGL, therefore I can't use the magnifying glass. There's no way management here is going to spend $ just to turn on a nifty selection tool.

                      Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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                          Matt Lombard
                          If you're on 09 with mobo based graphics, you're going to run into more than just mag glass problems. There are several property managers that don't show up at all.

                          fit spline, draft analysis, and some of the new functions in 09. The last 2 releases have obsoleted 3 of my computers that worked on previous releases.
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                              Mark Kaiser

                              Yes, I'm sure I could justify the $200, I honesly haven't done any research on graphics cards and how much they cost, just hear all the nasty rumors. Still think it stinks you have to invest in one, even if it's minor.


                              I haven't ran into many video based issues yet, but I don't do nearly the complex models you and others do. Fit spline works for me, but the only place I could find any sort of draft analysis was the draftxpert in the draft tool. Funny, I had the draft analysis tool in 08. I used to run into video problems in 08 when I edited a design table inside SW, in 09 it works fine. Wierd, huh?

                              Edit-found the draft analysis tool, it just was moved in 09 to a different menu. Appears I can use it as I did in 08, just don't get the new fancy 'live' updating of 09.
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                        John TydEb3dk

                        When I go to the page you have linked the only version of SW listed is 2007?
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                            Anna Wood

                            John O'Dowd wrote:



                            When I go to the page you have linked the only version of SW listed is 2007?

                            More info... Do you mean only SW2007 is shown for your video card that you selected?

                            If that is the case, your card does not have an approved driver for SW2008 and SW2009. Those years are definately in the list for the video cards that have approved drivers for those versions of SW.

                            Please list your system specs so we can help you.


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                          Tom Nicholson
                          well, I experienced alot of graphic problems, so I was able to justify the cost of a new vid card.

                          I've heard that the quadro 570 card is a decent card, and with a price tag of less than 200 bucks, I'm sure you could justify it.