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Question asked by Nicholas Anderson on Oct 30, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2019 by Jerome De San Nicolás

I am a student and tutor for a SolidWorks class and I frequently tell fellow students that there are 10 ways of doing the same thing. I use the number 10 arbitrarily to get the message across that there are many different methods to model an object. So, I put forth a little challenge for myself - how many ways could I model a simple cube. So far, I have come up with 8 relatively different methods as follows:

Feature Based:
1. Sketch single line -> Extrude
2. Sketch square -> Extrude
3. Loft between 2 square sketches

(Edit: I find it interesting that the file size is greater for #1 compared to #2. #1 contains 2 relations and one dimension in the sketch, with 2 dimensions in the feature. #2 contains 5 relations and one dimension in the sketch, with one feature dimension. 3Kb difference but identical rebuild times.)

Surface Based:
4. Single line Surface Extrude -> Thicken
5. Surface Sweep -> Surface Fill (to cap top & bottom)
6. Sketch square -> Planar Surface -> Offset Surface -> Planar Surface sides
7. Single line Surface Extrude -> Radiate Edges -> Surface Fill (cap top)
8. Sketch square -> Surface Extrude -> Surface Fill (cap top & bottom)
All used Knit as necessary to form a solid.

Now, there are some that I could alter slightly, such as #7 (change radiate to ruled surface) to create new methods and I did not utilize lofted surfaces, but as I sit here unable to sleep I figured I would ask the experts.

How many additional methods can you think of to make a simple solid cube? I would like to avoid methods such as cutting a sphere into a cube, but obscure methods are welcome (such as the #3 loft method above; completely unnecessary, but hey, it works). Obviously, this is not an exercise in simplicity. I am open to any ideas as I am sure I have left some things out.

We use the '07 release in case that matters.