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    Coordinate System

    Jason Corl
      We design vehicles. and attempt to use the standard SW view orientations and coordinate axes.

      Since we design vehicles, the relative coordinate system is viewed from the drivers POV. This being the case the SW views, Left, Right etc. do not correlate with the POV of a driver.

      For a normal part that sits on your desk, the front is just that...the front, left is to your left as your looking at the front, the right...same-o same-o. Now for a vehicle. Make the block a part such as a Left front suspension arm. Now from the driver's POV, left is actually right in the SW POV.

      Any thoughts? Should we change something besides our default way of thinking to make this more intuitive for our purpose? make custom views maybe? Any way to make buttons for custom views so they can be put on a toolbar...like the toolbar at the top of the graphics window?

      On top of this our MFG department would like to see the Z-axis pointing up...I know how to change this and still get the standard views to work, but would it affect any of the other stuff mentioned above.
        • Coordinate System
          I'm curious to about the default coordinate system too. In the CNC world X and Y are horizontal coordinates and Z is a vertical coordinate. I don't export the XYZ cordinates for any other operations so it hasn't bothered me. Just an observation.
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              craig sinclair
              Hi all,
              I started a thread on this topic not so long ago.


              Sorry i couldn't get the link to work properly

              I would like a set up were you can choose your coordinates during an install or before opening a part, increase functionality.
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              Kevin De Smet
              Inventor changes its coordinate system depending on whether you go metric or imperial - it's just a mess.
              Pick something and roll with it.