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The big Freeze

Question asked by Ed Gebo on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2008 by Ed Gebo
Here is a good one for all you SolidWorks and computer sleuths. I have SolidWorks open with 75k memory allocated according to Task Manager with no other programs open. If I click anything in the SolidWorks menu bar (File, Edit, View, etc...) my computer freezes, hard drive runs crazy like an out of control gerbil wheel and then stops...all is back to normal...3+ minutes later.

With Task Manager open, I noticed my SW memory use drop to 5k and then slowly build back up to 75k. My memory use (or PF below CPU use) in TM doesn't drop one bit. In some cases it actually goes up from 1.1GB to 1.20GB. During this 'freeze' time my virus detection (rtvscan.exe) ramps up double the size (this may be typical) until whatever is happening in the background stops.

Now this is a random problem and I haven't found what triggers the sequence of events. I have had my fair share of anomalies but this one has me and the IT guy baffled. We've tried turning things on, off, changing the memory allocation size, removing software, add-ins, even went as far as reloading SW.

Just wanted to throw out the problem to see if anyone else came across the same thing or if they would share some insight of things I could try.

Specs: IBM IntelliStation M Pro, XP Pro x64 SP2, Intel 2.4GB Duo Core , 2GB Ram, 150GB hard drive with ample room (41GB), NVidia 1500 with latest drivers, SW2008 SP5.0.