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New Computers, PLEASE Advise

Question asked by Jeff Stanifer on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2008 by Gary Liptrot
The company I work for is looking to purchase 3 new computers.

We make extrusion blow mold products. Mold assemblies, cold end trim tooling and so on. Most of the design revolves around a 3D bottle file from the customer which comes to us as an iges or step file. We will then save the file as a solid and insert it into the mold body and subtract it out to create the cavity. Some molds might have as many as 8 cavities in them.

These files seem to bog down our current computers, particularly when working with 2D drawings. My supervisor has the approval for purchases, but he is concerned about not getting the enough system for our needs.

I don't know what monetary limitations he has, but managment is aware of our ongoing frustrations with inadequate computer systems.

Any reccomendations as to processor, video card, operating system: 32 bit or 64
bit and any other considerations.

My supervisor just read this post before sending and his exact words were, "If I could have a dream machine, what would it be?"