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SolidWorks is looking for your feedback on Sheet Metal DXF Export

Question asked by Bill Taylor on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on May 29, 2019 by Michael Sutherland
Hello everyone, we are looking to solve some of the problems/inefficiencies around getting your sheet metal designs from SolidWorks to your laser and water jet machines in DXF format. We were hoping you could help out by giving us your feedback on the items listed below. If you missed something please let us know.

. For those of you who are doing this today, what are you biggest problems with the process you use today?
. When you send your DXF file to a vendor do you send the entire drawing or just the machine path in 2D DXF?
. When you send a DXF file what types of clean up do you need to perform before you send the file off to the machine? (ex. remove bend lines, remove countersink lines, remove center marks etc)
. What specific CAD or CAM tools do you use to clean up your DXF file before sending it to your machine?

FYI, folks from the Product Management team will be collecting your feedback.