Heather Nelson

PDMWE with Virtual parts

Discussion created by Heather Nelson on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2010 by Jeremiah Feist
Has anyone here had an issue using virtual parts with PDMWE? Currently, we're running PDMWE 2008 3.0 and multiple users are seeing their Solidworks session lock up if they click on a virtual part in their assembly. The assembly file works fine for a few check in/out iterations but then the next time the file is opened and you hover or click on a virtual part the session will lock and Solidworks will chug away at stealing all memory available. The only option is to kill the session. One way my VAR has found around it is to turn off the PDMWE add-in before working on an assembly and Solidworks wasn't able to replicate the problem. Their only suggestion was to upgrade to 4.0.