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    Can you assign shortcuts per environment?

    Kevin De Smet
      I was wondering whether you can assign shortcuts to a specific environment?

      For example I have "P" hooked up to "Sketch Point" but I would also want to assign it to "Plane." Currently this is not possible if I'm not mistaking? Because I will most often not want to create a sketch point when I'm not in my sketch and vice-versa for a plane - is this possible?

        • Can you assign shortcuts per environment?
          Dan Riffell
          The keyboard shortcuts are locked down, but if you are using '08 or '09 you can customize the "S" key for whatever environment you are in.
          • Can you assign shortcuts per environment?
            Garrett Brooks
            You could assign the keyboard shortcut key to run a macro

            The first few lines of the macro would be used to determine if the user is in a part, assembly, drawing, part sketch, assembly sketch etc. and then preform the task you wanted.

            I have done this to keep me from running part and assembly macros in drawings and vice versa. I have wrote some macros so that when I run the wrong macro in a drawing a message box pops up "YOU ARE NOT IN A PART" with a OK button and this prevents me from making changes to the drawing that I did not want to. Also some functions like changing the parts material don't work in drawings so you can save your self the trouble of seeing the error message pop up.
            • Can you assign shortcuts per environment?
              Josh Mings
              I'll typically assign most common commands to single keyboard buttons, 'P' for point, and multiple keys to less common, 'Shift-P' for plane. Dan's suggestion is excellent. If you're using 09, customize the shortcut bar 'S' - you can customize it for each type of template and function.