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Realview performance requirement

Question asked by Neil Larsen on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2008 by Neil Larsen
Hi, I am looking into buying a new graphics card.
Based on previous experience of premature hardware deaths I would rather not spend a whole lot of money especially given the ridiculous cost of CAD cards vs the same hardware presented as a gaming card
It looks like either a FX570 or a FX1700 would be a candidates for purchase.
My question relates to the graphics power required for Realview in SW2009.
The various benchmarks I can find seem to relate to performance in more traditional CAD or DCC senses I think.
That is they are concerned with wireframes or shaded views or say, gaming type textures. Further the usual ones like Specview used by testers often relate to older SW versions.
Can someone please describe to me from their seat of the pants experience of realview if a FX570 has enough grunt to run full Realview with an assy of say 100 parts.
I had an old FX4000 for SW 2005 that probably runs about as fast as a FX570 if the general specs are to be believed but I think myself this will be a bit 'marginal' in reality for SW2009.
It would be great if a SW employee who tests these cards for certification or who is a member of the Realview development team could provide some recommendations or guidelines.
How about some sort of in house test or rating? or even a test incorporated into the program..
thanks for your assistance