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COSMOSMotion Automation

Question asked by Nathan Brown on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by Meade Spratley
Hi all,

Does anyone have suggestions of how to automate iterative solutions in COSMOSMotion 2008? My ideal case would be to build an assembly to be tested in COSMOSMotion and set up dummy parameters (like mate angles, force inputs, etc.). I would then run a macro or something to that effect that would promt me for those dummy design parameters. The assembly would update and then solve the motion simulation. I could then repeat as needed to vary those input parameters rather than set up new motion studies and redefine each parameter every time (very time consuming). Something to the effect of a Design Table in COSMOSMotion that allows altering the magnitudes of all the inputs in one spreadsheet would be prefect, but I've found some strange things happening in COSMOSMotion and design tables so far.

Thanks in advance,