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Join parts without merging

Question asked by Matt McKendrick on Oct 28, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2020 by Mervin Cleij
In an assembly, when editing a part in-context, I need to join a another part within the assembly to the part I am editing. Normally, I would do this using "Join". However, there are circumstances in which I want that part not to be merged, and "Join" does not give you the option to not merge result. Is there a way to accomplish this at the in-context edit level? I know I can use the design library to drag the part in, but I would like to cut out the steps of saving it to the library and dragging it in. It seems like there is (or at least should be) a method to do this, I just have never explored it before. I have a feeling there is a simple answer, and I just am not making the connection.