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SolidWorks 2008 - Welcome Links Issue

Discussion created by Alan To on Oct 27, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2008 by Mark Whicker
Hi All

I am having a little problem concerning SolidWorks and Limited Users at my school.

I have installed SW2008 SP2.1 and upgraded it to SP4.0 and SP5.0 and can happily use it as an (Windows) Administrator or a Domain_Admin account. However I am experiencing issues when trying to use SolidWorks as a User (or Limited) account:

- Upon starting SolidWorks as a standard user, there are the Welcome hyperlinks on the right-side of the screen. I note that there is not a link to the "EDU" web-site, and the tutorial links Create/Design "First Part" and "First Drawing" were not there. Also, the links "Open" and "New" Document do not work.
- After opening a New Document (via the top menu bars), the quicktips "What Do You Want To Do" pop-up appears. However, clicking any of the three links results in an ActiveX script error.

Can anybody assist me with this combined issue? I was wondering whether there are file/folder permissions within Windows or if there is anything else wrong with my install.

Ps. I have a zipped file from the SolidWorks diagnostics (containing the video snapshot of the issue) which I had sent off to my distributor for trouble-shooting. I have not had a reply from them, but I am happy to forward this (<300kb) attachment to those who are interested.

--Thanks in advance!