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Need Advice In Implementing  PDM

Question asked by Mohamed Abdel Moniem on Oct 27, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2008 by Mohamed Abdel Moniem
In my company we have 5 designers in the engineering office 3 of them using SolidWorks all the time, 1 using SolidWorks and AutoCAD, 1 using AutoCAD. We Manufacture HVAC equipment like fans, Dust Collectors, Fan Sections, Dampers,............. Etc. we have too much products with different configurations and we have been using SolidWorks for 1 year, the number of files have been increased and we need to manage all the CAD files, revisions, Library files, Templates & Toolbox. So we need to start use PDMW Workgroup, and this is a new thing for us to deal with also our VAR doesn't have a good Experience in that field, Also we need to make it by ourselves . So if anyone could give any advice about that issue, "What are the procedures of implementing the software? Where to start, which reference to use SolidWorks Manual or there is any other references?
Thanks for Advice in Advance