Rob Rodríguez

October PhotoWorks Contest Voting

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Oct 27, 2008
The football helmet model turned out to be popular, somehow I knew it would. There are 19 images posted for voting in the October PhotoWorks Rendering Contest. Stop by sometime this week and vote for your favorite. The winner will recieve a SolidWorks branded prize and a whole lot of home page space at my web site.

For the November contest we have a model donated by fellow "SolidWorks Blog Squad" member Ricky Jordan. Somewhere between his full time job, family and helpful videos he's been posting to his blog, Ricky has found time to model the Mach4 Racer. Luckily for us he's made it available to the world! Thanks Ricky. Download the model and show Ricky your stuff. Remember, you are now free to use PhotoWorks and PhotoView 360 to create your entry.