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    Anyone use multiple hole tables?

    Jay Andrews
      I have a part that has some holes in one side, and some holes in a different side. I tried making two hole tables, but they both start at hole A1, which is no good for obvious reasons. I'm not finding a way to start the second table at the next letter.

      Is there a work around?
        • Anyone use multiple hole tables?
          Eddie Cyganik


          Two Possible Work-arounds, neither one elegant:

          #1 Select the front side, then use "select other" to pick the opposite to pick the bottom.
          ===> Problem here is that any holes that start at the front and break out on the back side are duplicated by the second selection. You can delete these extra rows but if you have 10's or 100's of holes, this is not very practical. Also, what ever the letter/number is, the tags will end up out of sink.

          #2 Create two separate hole tables, as I think you should do, then for the second table, change the hole "Tags" from Alpha to Numeric or vice-versa as the case may be.

          Like I said, both of these work-arounds are pretty crappy!
            • Anyone use multiple hole tables?
              Jay Andrews
              Oh, I found the next view button in the hole table command. I also noticed that you can't add views by editing feature, you have to call out all the views up front when creating the hole table and call out at least one hole in each view, then you can go back and edit. Not perfect, but it seems like it will get the job done.

              I'll also keep in mind you work-arounds, thanks.