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silent uninstall - automatic

Question asked by Steve Schaufler on Oct 24, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2008 by Steve Schaufler
I have many users located in different sites (US, Europe etc). We perform all of the uninstalls and installs (remote desktop) using our custom automated program - run it and walk away, it uninstalls, reboots, then logon and the new installs start etc.....There are at least nine programs (SW, Cosmos, Geartrax, Sigmund etc) to uninstall, so it's fairly involved

Anyway. my dilemma is that we have say three versions of 2007 installed throughout the user base (via an image OR via an update patch). Uninstalling isn't an issue per se, its determining the version a user has and then ultimately going to that specific (admin) share point were all the images are and running the MSI uninstall string etc.. Again I need to do this programmatically so there is no baby sitting the uninstall

Previously I have kicked off the old "SW Clean uninstall" util but you would at some point have to select the Cancel button (which makes no sense, why SW didn't make a finish, exit button is beyond me) to finish the uninstall and ultimately close the uitl dialog (read > baby sit) to begin our next step. I can still use this but I have not yet found away to automate this very last step (e.g. selecting the "Cancel" button programmatically), I'm close and can automate everything up this last step but because the Cancel button doesn't change to an Exit button for example (a label ID you could use) there is not way to determine when the util is done uninstalling?

The other option would be to cycle through the uninstall reg hive and find which "version" the user has and then based on the output go to the proper sharepoint.

Any ideas? Is there a master switch available to uninstall?