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    Christina Seay
      Does anyone know of or recommend any companies that offer PDM Enterprise API Training?

      We're located in Tennessee, so it'd be preferable to have someone in the Southeast US.
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          Jeff Sweeney
          SW does have a SW API training class. I would be surprised if a VAR had a class Enterprise specific. I'd advise you that any API class would give you a solid understanding of object oriented programing ....with this the Enterprise help file should be all you need.
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            Christina Seay
            I haven't been to the SolidWorks API training course, but a few other people from here have and I stole their book and went through the training exercises. I've got a decent grasp of Object Oriented Programming, and I'm going through the help documentation for the dispatch program and I'm going through the help documentation on PDMWE API.

            What I'd really like is to have an actual overview course where I could sit and watch someone go through all the steps of creating a program with the API and getting a good overview of what can be done with API and some of the more common uses it gets put to.
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                Jeff Cope

                The PDMWorks Enterprise API session at SolidWorks World this year should do just that. Scott Stanley (API mgr) and Robin Richter (top-notch API support tech) will be doing the presentation. I attended a similar session from Scott in New Orleans two years ago and it was great. He shows how to create & debug an addin plus some sample apps. That in conjunction with the information available on the web should be more than enough to get you going.

                Additionally, I have a PDMWorks Enterprise Addin template on my blog for Visual Basic that enables you to very quickly create a PDMWorks Enterprise Addin. I haven't tried it with 2009 yet but it works great with 2008 and should work fine with 2009 too.


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                Christina Seay

                I've been reading all about the SolidWorks World in Orlando... it really looks like it would help a lot to go to it. Me and another guy that works with me have been pushing our boss to send us since we're in charge of implementing SolidWorks and PDM Enterprise for our company and neither one of us has any idea really what we're doing. We're cobbling things together to make them work across the company and with various other in house programs and then finding out later there was a MUCH better way of doing it.

                Case in Point... your serial number generator on your blog. We have about 25 or so folders that split up or files by equipment.. like SC folder is our Transfer Screws.. and each of those files has to run off a different serial number. So what I ended up doing was making it where in the right-click menu they have something to the effect of "-->Conveyor Group --> New SC Drawing Folder" And I have one of those for each and every folder divided by groups simply to make it use a different serial number per folder. I could have just set it up where there was one template input form and used your program to let them choose a serial number to use via your program.

                Hopefully the boss will send us.. crossing my fingers..
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                    Gene Mercer
                    It looks like we are both looking at a lot of the same topics. Jeff Cope wrote our serial number generator add-in and I loved the way it worked. (It's a little different that what he's posted for free)

                    Our VAR (at the request of myself and others) is offering an 'advanced' PDMWE admin class this January. Take a look at TriMech's web site for more info. The class is in Charlotte NC (I think I saw where you were in TN). It's new and something they've developed inhouse but I'm hoping to learn a lot when I go. Just thought I'd mention it as I can see other VARs following suit as PDMWE grows.

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                        Joy Garon
                        Hi Gene -

                        Cool - I developed this class for resellers and I was surprised (and happy) to see it being offered.

                        I am interested in hearing from you, and other customers, on which of the listed topics you would most like to learn about. (in order of priority).

                        Also, for those of you attending SolidWorks World, I will be doing a presentation on understanding the tables (ER diagramming) and how to get information via T-SQL. I will cover the basic T-SQL commands that will allow you to get list info from an external database and create your own Enterprise reports.

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                      Christina Seay
                      Gene -

                      I'm looking at implementing his serial number generator next week with any luck and doing away with the two-mile long right-click menu that we're using right now. Our situation is slightly different, because we need the serial numbers to be generated for a folder, not for a file. All the files in the folder inherit the folder number plus A01 etc for assemblies, P01 etc for parts.. and so on. So I may have a bit of tweaking to do on it. I believe I've finally talked my company into upgrading PDM to 2009... so I'm holding off on any new programming until that's done.

                      I think a PDMWE Advanced Admin class would be awesome! Our var (ModernTech), only offers the intro PDMWE Admin class, and it took them so long to schedule me for it since they didn't have anyone else taking it, that I just told them not to bother with it. I asked if they had an advanced class, and they didn't... so I've just been puddling along and asking for help when I need it and trying to offer help when I can in return.

                      Joy -
                      I would love to see some course topics that include what I would consider very basic functions that a user would perform through the API. Maybe the help file with 2009 will be better, but the one for 2008 has a lot of dead code in the samples that isn't compatible with .NET as well as syntax errors and not very thorough explanations in many cases. For someone learning VB as well as learning the PDMWE API, it's very frustrating.

                      Topics that I would consider basic necessity to have described in detail.. in order of priority:
                      1. Logging into the vault (Auto Login as well as the username and password method)
                      2. getfilefrompath and getfolderfrompath including the commands needed prior to performing those functions
                      3. copy file into the vault
                      4. copy file to local cache from the vault
                      5. copy file to a location other than local cache from the vault
                      6. check-in/out files (Or lock/unlock via API)
                      7. push files through a workflow
                      8. get info from datacards
                      9. write info to datacards

                      I'm sure I'll think of more.. those are just the first topics I've had to muddle through.
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                          Gene Mercer
                          Christina, Joy, any others interested... Our VAR (www.TriMechSolutions.com) is having the Advanced PDMWE Admin class this Jan. 13-14th in Charlotte, NC. The topics are:
                          • Templates - Template Input Forms (Refresher and Case Study sample)
                          • Lists (Advanced - using T-SQL queries)
                          • Workflow/Revision
                          • BOM tool
                          • Import/Export Tool
                          • Lists
                          • Notifications
                          • Serial Numbers
                          • Reports
                          • Toolbox Setup (Refresher)
                          • Dispatch (Case Study sample)
                          • Add-in API (Case Study sample)
                          • Cold Storage
                          • Backup and Restore
                          • Web client installation and usage
                          • Replication (Concept and Setup)
                          • Admin Image Deployment

                            Myself and a couple of others from here should be getting signed up today and if you can't attend, I'll be sure and let you know how it goes. I personally pushed a few of the above topics on my VAR so I definately hope to learn a lot more!

                            This isn't intended to be an ad for my VAR in any way, just an FYI on where one 'might' learn a little more about PDMWE..

                            Gene Mercer
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                          Christina Seay
                          Gene... I'll definitely mention it to my boss.. it sounds like they are going to at least discuss some use of the dispatch and api.. which is better than anything else I've seen. Thanks for the info!!