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Improving the SolidWorks forums

Question asked by Bill Taylor on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2018 by Matt Peneguy
Hello Everyone, SolidWorks is looking at updating the forums and seeing that the intent of this would be to improve your experience we would like your feedback. Below are just some ideas that have been passed on to us. If there is something on the list you think is irrelevant let us know. If we are missing something also let us know. If you have ideas on how certain elements should be implemented we are interested. Basically it would be great to get some discussions going around each point as well as identify some additional items that should be considered.



1. Filter display by Category, My Posts, and My Watched Posts (category, keywords, or person). (set to all as default)
2. Rate individual posts rather than entire topics or individuals (Is rating an individual something you like or dislike?
3. When you post a question and it is not answered by the community how would you like it to be handled? (Maybe automatically create a support request for you? Other ideas?)
4. A filter for New, Unread and Unanswered posts. (set to all as default)
5. Better UI and workflow for posts and attachments.
6. A Rich text editor
7. Spell check
8. The ability to view conversation threads (like old forums & newsreaders).
9. Highly relevant search
10. The ability for users to create forum categories
11. Ability to subscribe to posts/people/topics/categories/unanswered posts and have it delivered via email/RSS/other...
12. Improved points systems (get more recognition for answering questions, etc opposed to basing things on number of posts)
13. Tagging support for all categories, posts, and groups.
14. Linkage to Enhancement Requests and the Knowledge base. This is a high level idea. Would it be helpful to make accessing both of those areas easier while in the forums?
15. Improved syndication
Example: You can use Outlook 2007 to read forum posts by category like a newsreader. Maybe show all post and highlight the unread posts.