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Toolbox location error

Discussion created by thibault berghe on Oct 23, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2008 by Neil Saxon
In company we use 2 version of solidworks on 2different Computer.( in network)
- first: SW 2008 SP2.1
-Second : SW2008 SP3.1.

The problem with toolbox is:

When I open an assembly with the second Computer (SP3.1), the size of toolbox component is biggest than origine.

On first computer (SP2.1), there is no problem, the component have good size.

I search on forum , and try to modify "Tools->Options->Hole Wizard/Toolbox" and the entry is correct

I search after the toolbox.ini --> I have not this file on the SP3.1
Try to copy/paste (with the SP2.1 file)with the good entry but don't work

I try to found with the HKEY but i don't find what and how modify

Help me please