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    PDMWE Configurations not updating?

    Christina Seay
      Has anyone else had a problem with info on the PDMWE data cards not updating across the configurations?

      I have the variables set up to update all configurations, but apparently it only actually updates them when you make a change to that field on one of the cards. Which is fine, unless it's read only fields like the document name or date that the user can't edit to force the update.

      If anyone else is having this problem, has anyone figured out a work around for it? Or possibly an API solution to have a button on the card to click to update all configurations, or update all configurations on a workflow transition or something?

      And another related issue... I've got the document name on my data card that is populated from a folder card variable. When I take a file previously saved in the vault and save as or copy to another folder in the vault than what it was originally created in, the field on the card that's populated from the folder card variable doesn't update to the new folder.

      Anyone have any thoughts, suggestions, or workarounds to these?
        • PDMWE Configurations not updating?
          Joy Garon
          Hi Christina -

          You haven't said exactly why you need to update the variable value, but, yes it can be done in the workflow on the transition. Set a transition action to write the variable value (see image) - make sure that the variable is mapped to a file property if you want it written to the file as well.


          p.s. make sure you have also set the data card varibale to 'Update all configurations'
            • PDMWE Configurations not updating?
              Christina Seay
              Hello again Joy,

              I've figured out how to use the workflow to populate the variable fields... but what I can't figure out is how to basically repopulate them with the same variable they already have so it will force it to update all configurations.

              The biggest issue being our file names. We're using top-level folders to generate serial numbers, and our parts, assemblies, drawings go under those folders.

              So we do:

              -->FB012345 (Serial Number)
              ---->FB012345P01.sldprt (Folder Name with P01 on the end)
              ---->FB012345A01.sldasm (Folder Name with A01 on the end)
              ---->FB012345D01.slddrw (Folder Name with D01 on the end)

              The Folder Number with the serial is passing it's name to a ProjectNumber variable on the data card for the parts, assemblies and drawings. That field is read-only on the cards since it shouldn't be changed by the user. They then add the P01, A01, or D01 to the end via a drop down and typed in field. Those fields are mandatory since they help name the file.

              So they create a file in the vault, fill in the P01 and it names the file FB012345P01. They open that file in SolidWorks and add their configurations. They go to check it back in, and they get error message that the mandatory fields haven't been filled in on the configurations, so then they have to go through and select the P01 again so that it will update all the configurations. Which is just a waste of time.

              The other issue happens when we do a "save as" That first field, the Project Number that gets populated from the folder the file is in, doesn't update when the file is moved to a new folder. That field needs to stay read-only, so they can't manually change it. But I need to be able to update it to reflect the new folder it's in.

              Does any of that make sense at all??