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    sandeep pawar

      Apart from making file Read-only, does anyone know a way/s to restrict access to SW certain files? I want the user to open the files,use it in assembly but dont want him/her to edit it.

      Any suggections are appreciated.
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          Devi Prasad Samal
          Hi Sandeep,

          there is a way to restrict the dimension, but it does not work with me, i dont no why?

          i have already ask the support regarding the issue... and when i got the answer i wil let you know....

          by the way the method is right click on the part in the feature manager tree and select edit dimension access.

          you find 2 tables one is user defined and other one is internal.

          user defined is for user to change or edit the dimension

          and internal dimension is to restrict the dimension edit.
          just shift the dimension which you want to restrict to internal table. and restrict it.

          so try it.......... but not sure it works......

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              Devi Prasad Samal
              Hi sandeep,

              i have talk to the support and they say that edit dimension option is only available up to 2005 & due to some reason this application has been struck off, however a icon of this will be remain in the list. and one spr have been created to remove it from the list. you can check it in knowledge base (s-016014).

              so may be no other option is there to access or restrict dimension.