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    Insert and image

    Kevin Callaghan
      Can anyone remind me how to insert an image into a part, to use as a sketching guide. Can a pdf be used or is it only jpegs?
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          Troy Peterson
          From the help file;

          To insert a picture on a sketch plane:

          In an open sketch, click Sketch Picture (Sketch toolbar) or click Tools, Sketch Tools, Sketch Picture.

          In the dialog box, browse to the picture file and click Open.

          The picture is inserted.

          Set the properties on the first page of the Sketch Picture PropertyManager as necessary.

          You can resize the picture in the graphics area by dragging its handles. You can drag the picture without changing its size when the pointer changes to .

          Click .
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            Charles Culp
            A PDF cannot be used. Take a screenshot and save it as a .bmp if you want to use a PDF.

            The best way is to go to Tools>Sketch Tools>Sketch Picture (after starting a 2D sketch).
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              Charles and Drew are right. A .bmp works, but a .jpg or .tif won't. Thanks for your help, gents.
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                Chris Cheney

                is there a way after importing the bmp to take the omage you have and be able to surface extrude the text?

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                    Kelvin Lamport

                    No ...  you will have to create vectors from (trace over) the image.


                    Vector conversion programs do exist, but few work really well unless the image is high contrast with very clean edges.

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                        Michael Jolley

                        Actually, SolidWorks has an add-in called AutoTrace that will convert the raster image to vector data so that it can be used for features.


                        Kelvins comment about the image needing to be high contrast with very clean edges is quite true.


                        Search the Help file for Sketch Picture and see if it can be useful for you.  Typically, JPGs work very poorly for this type of conversion since the compression algorithms tend to cause lots of noise in the image which makes them difficult to trace.  Be sure you don't spend more time cleaning up the picture than it would have taken to trace over the picture by hand in SW.

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                        David Oustifine

                        You can try using the Autotrace funciton but its not quite as clean as you would liike.  I have had the best results just making a new sketch and using the spline tool to trace around the image.  Admitedly its a bit of work but the results speak for themselves (see attached)... this was an inserted image that I traced over using a sketch and spline tool.  We did a flame cut ona  4'x8' diamond plate that came out totally sweet. Scorpion logo negative.JPG