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SW2009 SP0 installation & download issue

Question asked by 1-GC5KZ8 on Oct 21, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by 1-GC5KZ8
I downloaded all the files for an individual installation yesterday and started to install SW2009. It got so far then gave me an error and rolled back. I had forgotten to turn off spybot and so it blocked a registry change which caused it to stop.

After this, I tried to uninstall in the add/remove programs window to start again.

I am now trying again but after choosing what I want to install, it tells me I don't have enough space for the downloads and so won't let me continue. The only reason I don't have enough space though is that I have already downloaded and unpacked the files!

I don't want to delete the files and re-download so is there anyway around this?

I just want to run the install using the files I already have downloaded. I downloaded them manually to avoid any proxy issues.