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Toggling driving/driven status of a dimension in a 3D Sketch

Question asked by Carl Himpsel on Oct 20, 2008
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Scott Rypstra
In past versions (~2005) I remember "driven" to be a check box in the right click context menu of a dimension. In 2008 SP4.0 it is no longer there, and toggling requires many extra clicks and mouse moves: left click dimension, move to property manager, click other, move to driven check box, click. Is there a way to either quickly toggle driving/driven status?

Or, is there a way to do accomplish my task faster with new features? I have a 3D sketch with lots of constrained and equation driven geometry. I typically 'unlock' a few degrees of freedom by changing various dimensions to 'driven', then drag the geometry to approximately where I want it. Then I switch back to driven so the equations update (without exiting the sketch and rebuilding) and to fine tune the final dimension number (make it an integer).