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    Error message from Solidworks

    Jeanne Link
      One of our users has just started getting the following error message:
      Solidworks cannot startup because the system desktop application resources have been exceeded.

      We checked the system resources on the machine and nothing seem to be out of order. Only after a full reboot of his system was he able to get back in the program. Any idea's what may be causing the problem?
        • Error message from Solidworks
          Kevin Fardoux
          I've got a similar problem, but only since I loaded SW2009. 2008 still runs fine. I went as far as to shut down every app that was running in the background, rebooted, and still have the problem. Any ideas?
            • Error message from Solidworks
              Peter Biggert
              Are you using the /3GB switch? If so then perhaps you need to give some memory back to the system by using the /userva=xxxx as well. (ex /userva=2900)
                • Error message from Solidworks
                  Kevin Fardoux
                  Not to sound too ignorant, but I wouldn't know how to 'set' the switch. I've got 3GB of RAM, and because I'm using WinXP Pro 32, I know that's the limit on this system. I've got the max of virtual memory assigned, and killed every non essential program running in the background. What I find odd, is that 2008 runs fine, and 2009 ran ok the first few times I ran it, but now I keep getting the error. I even tried uninstalling and re-installing it, no go. I've also dumped some non essential programs off the drive, just to free up some swap space for the virtual memory (around 12 Gig free).

                  This is killing me. I've got a customer that sent files designed in 2009, and I can't open them without getting this sorted. This is why I hate upgrading from a perfectly stable platform. Any ideas?
                    • Error message from Solidworks
                      Doug Panton
                      In the root of your C drive (assuming that's the drive you're working with) is a file called boot.ini

                      It's a simple text file that Windows uses to track usable OS's on the drive. When you open it, there are one or more lines that look something like this

                      [operating systems]
                      multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Windows XP Professional" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect /3GB

                      At the end of the line that you boot with, enter the /3GB as shown. Save the file. Note that the file by default is probably READ-ONLY, so you'll have to RMC on the file and turn the attribute off before editting it.

                      After making the change, save it and reset the RO attribute.

                      Before changing it, make a copy under a different name (just in case....)

                      You'll have to reboot for it to take effect.

                      You can google for more background on the switch, it's a pretty common topic.

                      You might also want to reduce your desktop memory footprint. What you see on screen uses resources. If you have a fancy hi-res desktop graphic and lots of icons, they can reduce the work space available for other programs. Try running with a basic blue desktop and see if that makes a difference.

                      Here's a link you can check out